Kaiser Sweeper’s Top 5 World Cup Moments

15th July 2014

When we posted right after the group stage about Germany’s route to the final, there was of course a great deal of hope and belief that the Germans could lift the trophy at the end. Even with some worrying performances and injury concerns early, still a feeling lingered that this tournament was there for the taking, and that Germany was undoubtedly going to be one of the teams to step up to claim it.

What we didn’t expect was the matches that followed. It started with an extremely tough match against an impressive Algeria. Next came the rather blah affair versus France that didn’t make either team look like world beaters. Because of those results, Germany weren’t given much hope going into the semifinals … but it seems no one told the Germans that. They gave us the match of the tournament: a 7-1 drubbing of the home nation, a defeat that will be remembered in the history of this sport for its sheer improbability.

That match changed everything. Suddenly it became obvious that Germany were more than a bunch of great players—they were one team who all believed in each other. That showed in the final, when Schürrle crossed to Götze without even looking for him. He knew Mario would be there and that he would do something great. And he did.

So, without further ado, Kaiser Sweeper’s top 5 moments of the World Cup:

  1. Japanese fans cleaning up after themselves before leaving the stadium. YOU ARE AWESOME AND WE LOVE YOU.
  2. The giant cricket that landed on James Rodriguez’s arm. I will literally never forget that, nor will I stop imagining the bug is his friend and helps him score goals. Thanks, Pixar.
  3. Everything involving Fabian Johnson. The handsomeness cannot be contained.
  4. Neuer finally getting over his prudishness and appearing shirtless.
  5. Klose becoming the all-time leading World Cup goal scorer … and all he cares about is his team won, because that’s the kind of amazing dude he is.

I think that wraps it up. Oh, wait a minute, let me just include a little something:



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Germany 7-1 Brazil: Quotes

10th July 2014

Still on cloud nine after witnessing football history? Let’s look in on what some of the major outlets had to say about Germany’s massive win.

Michael Cox, “Brazil have no answer to might of Toni Kroos’s control for Germany,” The Guardian:

"Scorelines of 7-1 happen so infrequently in modern football that it’s difficult to find any comparisons, but if there was ever a “true” 7-1, this was it. This will become one of the most famous thrashings in the history of football, partly because of the unprecedented nature of the scoreline at such a stage of the World Cup, but also because the result entirely reflected the gulf in class between the sides."

Mike Goodman, “Germany Has Achieved Fire-Breathing Monster Status at Just the Right Time,” Grantland:

"Tuesday was probably the best German result we’ll ever see. The result is also a pretty good sign that Germany, either by intent or simple dumb luck, is peaking at exactly the right time. That’s rare, and it’s an advantage Germany will have when it walks onto the field Sunday. After what it did to Brazil, the thought of Germany with an added advantage is incredibly intimidating."

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